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Customer Testimonials

Thank you to all of our customers who have sent us feedback on our products! If you have any comments, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your product feedback.

Customers love Stonz Booties....

"I am so happy to finally find a pair of winter boots I can actually fit on my sons feet. He has very thick feet from top to bottom and we have tried many different types of hard soled boots and still have yet to find a pair in his size that he can fit his whole foot into. Any of the soft soled boots we have looked at aren't made for kids who walk so those that did fit aren't practical for us because he can wear them out in the snow. So thank you so much for creating a boot that is so versatile and can be worn in practically any weather condition! We will be able to spend a lot of time out in our Alberta snow! :)" - Jessica

"These are fantastic for little baby feet and so easy to get on and stay on -- even when pulling them out of swings (that's the real test ;)" - Nataly

"If you have never tried Stonz Boots you have you to!!! They are by far the best, you never have to worry about your little one kicking them off and their feet stay warm and dry. Anyone who has tried them swears by them!!" - Anna

"I bought the booties for my daughter last year and I loved them! People were stopping me all the time asking about them. I only wish I had known about Stonz booties when my son was a baby/toddler. They are wonderful ! I am definitely buying another pair for my daughter this year." - Olivia

I recently rec'd my daughter's boots and they are fantastic! They work just like you say and are warm and very fashionable. I went to my baby singing/reading class today and everyone commented on how nice the boots were. I also mentioned that I bought the gloves too since my daughter loves to take off her boots and mitts all the time. Everyone thought they were great and I'm REALLY happy that I spent a little extra on a great product. - Antonella

I have been using a pair of Stonz booties for my new walker this winter, and they have been fantastic.  You really have made a great quality product that functions extremely well. I looked everywhere for a product like this during my son's first winter walking, nothing else compares. - Sharilynn

"I love the boots and don't know what I did without them. I am telling everyone that cares to listen about them. Thanks again." - Keri L.

"I still love your booties, and have yet to have gone out without someone commenting on how cute they are. Everyone agrees they are really cool! I've given out your website to many moms now, and your booties are going to be my standard baby shower gift now.” - Georgia

"I am very impressed with the quality and design of the booties. I look forward to not dealing with the hassle of boots falling off of feet!! Thanks again for the great customer service (delivery was impressive too!!) Keep up the good work... " - Cristine

"I received my booties today. I have to say that I was a little skeptical at first as to whether or not they would work. I had read other client testimonials and decided that it was worth a try. Can I just say that these are AMAZING! My daughter has a habit of getting shoes/booties off of her feet which can make things worse in the cold weather. I put her booties on to go out side with me today and they are just fantastic! Thank you so much for creating a winter bootie that actually works like it says it will. I am a very satisfied customer and will make sure that all my friends get a pair!! Thank you." - Kelly

"I've been searching for booties like these. I work in a daycare centre and I can not tell you how difficult it is for parents to find excellent winter footwear like this. I would highly recommend advertising to the daycare field or selling to other stores. I think you might be amazed by how many people will be interested. Thanks to you guys." - Sylvia

"I brought a pair of the booties a few months back now and we have never looked back. They are the best pair we have ever found. We were looking for something that would protect our child s feet from all the hard surfaces and cold in our house without restricting his growth or movement in his feet. One of the best investments we have made so far for Seth. Thank you so much for a great idea." - Anna

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And Moms are also loving Stonz Mittz and Booties Linerz....

"I recieved the Mittz yesterday and I must say they are fabulous. We used them right away to toboggan and my boys loved them. They are so easy to put on and they really do stay on. I didn't have to adjust or tend to them at all. I am just disappointed that I didn't know about them earlier. Thank You!" - Huyen

"I love the mittz I bought for my daughter this year. They're the only ones that she keeps on her hands. " - Mary

“I absolutely love your products. I was thrilled when the Linerz were added since we live in the north. I had to ensure his feet would stay warm, and your products definitely warm his toes.”  - Leanne

"Just wanted to let you know that we recently moved to Prince George and had to get the linerz for our son's boots. We loved the boots before when we were in Vancouver...but now, they are even better! They are just perfect for this snowy weather!"  - Shauna

"I just recieved my boots today!  I LOVE the liners. They look fantastic!" - Jenn

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About Stonz excellent Customer Service

"I just wanted to say that I can't believe how fast you shipped these. I ordered them Monday afternoon and had them by Thursday!! I am very impressed. I can't wait to use them on my daughter." - Sheena

"Wow! I am amazed at the personal touch that you give to your business and your customers. Thanks for taking the extra time to help me out!" - Gerarda

"Thank you for the order. They are so cute! Perfect fit! I received them today- just 1 week since I placed the order. Thank you again." - Kristin

"Just wanted to let you know that my sister called today - her boots arrived and they are very pleased with them! Thank you for the great service." - Anne Marie

"I LOVE your product and highly recommend them to every one of my friends and anyone who asks where I got them and what I think of them (we've had a lot of questions about his boots this winter). Thanks again for your reply, a great product and really great customer service." - Christel

"Thanks for two pairs of perfect Stonz and a speedy delivery!" - Jannicke

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How Booties are easy to use and stay on        

“I heard about your product and tried them out...WOW brillant idea.  For kids who hate putting boots - with your product they do not even know.... Thank you so much and great job on this product!!!”- Rossa

"I was just given a pair of these for my 5 month old and we LOVE them. They are so easy to use, they stay on well, they are cute, and best of all my daughter's feet are warm! I will definitely be getting her another pair when she outgrows these. Thanks for the wonderful, baby friendly product!!" - Day

"Just want to drop you a note to tell you how fantastic I find the booties! I use them every day. Easy to put on and really never fall off. And look cute too. Brilliant. I got them well in time for our ski vacation, and find they are worth every penny!" - Lotta

“My mum just ordered a pair of Stonz for my daughters' 2nd birthday and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have such a great bootie that will stay on her feet and keep her warm. I too enjoy the outdoors and have found that in our cold wet winters having a baby that kicks off her shoes and socks all of the time can get quite frustrating.” - Marci

“I have received the boots for my 2 little boys today and they look fab. I cannot wait to use them on them! My youngest boy (9 months) has wide feet and the little snow booties I bought were just not wide enough. I tried these boots on him and they are so easy to get on and off.” - Chrissie

"Awesome idea! I absolutely LOVE these boots. I had to have them for my son. He got them for his birthday and it was the best gift! I like that I can just slip them on over his slippers and that they won't hinder his foot development. I love the different prints too! Thanks so much!" - Shannon

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How Stonz keeps little feet warm

"Thanks so much for getting these out so quickly! I just love them!! I'm so glad to have some warm footwear for my littlest one, especially warm footwear that she can walk in.” - Kristin

"We live in Yellowknife and your boots are an absolute must have... her feet are warm, dry and always covered. Thank you for thinking of the Northern babies." - Charlene

"We love your boots. Zane wears them all the time. It has been cold & snowy here, with another 15 inches falling yesterday. The boots keep his feet warmer than anything else we have. Thank you so much." - Zane's Mom

"Lily just loves the outdoors and fresh air - be it hiking with our dogs, playing with her toys or just exploring on our deck. Her Stonz booties keep her feet dry and warm - she just loves them and even tries putting them on herself!" - Laura

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Stonz Booties for children with foot disabilities

"I have to tell you whenever I am at the orthotics clinic with my son, all the other Moms ask me where I got the Stonz booties from, because they are the BEST warm footwear for children who can't walk or wear orthotics.   Thank you for making such a great product!" - Zoe

"Stonz boots were the only footwear my daughter could wear last winter when she had casts on her little feet when we were trying to straighten them out. They kept her feet warm and dry." - Mary

"I have been looking for slippers/shoes for my son, who was born with a club foot. His foot is deformed and it is difficult to keep anything on his feet. The foot also has very poor circulation, and it is very hard to keep warm. After searching everywhere I found you!!!!!! Zane has a physical therapist; I sent her to your web site, and she was also very excited about your footwear. Again, thanks for a very unique product." - Tammy W.

“I would just like to say how pleased I am that my mother-in-law found a pair of your boots at a childrens store in Huntsville, Ontario. The reason I am so very pleased it that was daughter was born with bilateral club feet and has been in casts from the tips of her toes up to her hips for most of her now 16 months. Your boots have made it so much easier and more comfortable for my precious daughter. I have recommended these to her doctors at the Alberta Childrens Hospital.” - Sheldon

“I just ordered my first pair of Stonz booties for my daughter---she is 9 and has spina bifida--she is in a wheelchair and has no leg feeling from the waist down. I have been searching high and low for warm boots because she cannot feel her feet and it worries me every winter. Also, she wears foot braces and it is difficult to find boots that fit and that she can get on! Thank-you for your product!” - Liz

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